Pakistan to take measures to combat terrorism

New Delhi: India has asked Pakistan to implement an action plan to undertake credible counter-terrorism measures awarded by FATF.
In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, it was stressed that Pakistan should take sustainable measures to tackle global terrorism and terrorism-related problems. MEA said: “We expect Pakistan to take all necessary steps to effectively implement the FATF Action Plan fully within the remaining timeframe until September 2019 in line with its political commitment to FATF and to take credible, verifiable, irreversible and sustainable measures to solving global terrorism-related and terrorist financing issues arising from any territory under its control.
FATF headquartered in Paris said in a statement released on Friday that it will decide on the next step because of insufficient progress on the issue. “He expressed concern” that not only did Pakistan fail to complete the action plan with deadlines from January, but also did not complete its action plans by May 2019. “
According to reports, the global watchdog put Pakistan on its gray list in June 2018 and asked him to implement an 27-point action plan to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering.

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