NBA Academy beat NBA Academy in China 65:61

New Delhi : NBA Academy India finished its campaign at the NBA Academic Games in Atlanta on a winning bank with a 65-61 win over the NBA Academy in China.
After the competitive first quarter, the NBA Academy of India showed a greater intent because of the 11 offensive rebounds in the quarter helped them defeat the three-point deficit from the first to the end of the second leading from four. In the halftime, the record with scores is 31-27 in favor of the NBA Academy in India. Riding on the momentum, the NBA Academy India expanded its lead to 11 points at the end of the third quarter (48-37).
In the fourth quarter, the NBA Academy in China made a furious return and made the game one point with less than two minutes per hour. However, the timely theft by Prince Pranas resulted in a good chance that Amaan Sandhu did not miss to make 63-60 for the NBA Academy in India. Again, the same duo in combination gives the NBA Academy India four points of advantage with 20 seconds per hour.
In the end, NBA Academy India won 65-61 over the NBA Academy in China and took the seventh place in the table. Amaan Sandhu scored 15 points with 10 rebounds. Harshwardhan Tomar added 12 points, while Pranav Prince turned into 10th.

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