Navigation aids were increased at Jharsuguda Airport

Jharsuguda: Doppler The very high frequency Omni-directional Range (DVOR) is located at Jharsuguda Airport in February 2019.
This equipment, which has already been calibrated both for land and air last month by the MI’s Annual Inspection Unit, will be used by aircraft to find out the radial and distance from the airport. After commissioning this equipment that costs AAI over Rs.6.30cr will help minimize the visibility to 3 to 3.5 k.m. according to the type of aircraft, informed Sudesh Kumar Chauhan, airport director, airport Jharsuguda. Current visibility minima are 5 km at Jharsuguda Airport.
He further added that MI also increases advanced navigational aids, that is, an instrumental landing system [ILS] that will cost MI Rs.3cr to 4cr. A team from the corporate headquarters MI visited Jharsuguda Airport last month to explore the ILS site in Jharsugudi. When starting an ILS system, the minimum need for flight visibility will be further reduced.

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