Naveen writes to PM Modi, reiterating his request to stop the Polavaram project

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intervention to stop the work on the Polavaram project until all outstanding issues are resolved.
In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, Patnaik reiterated that if the construction work on the Polavaram project is not immediately stopped, it will have a huge negative impact on people living in the tribal district of Malkangiri in Odisha.
“The sinking of tribal villages that results in the massive displacement of primitive tribes, the flooding of fertile agricultural land and the sinking of a large part of the forest area would have irreversible consequences,” the CM wrote in a letter.
Patnaik said that all these consequences can be avoided if the opportunity for the final settlement of the dispute before the Supreme Court is given. He suggested that the Polavaram project could be re-formulated according to the GWDT award without causing large-scale outrage in the Odisha, Telangan and Chhattisgarh countries.
It was pointed out that the Environmental Protection Approval was given to the Project on 25.10.2005. Years without conducting a public hearing in the affected areas of the Malkangiri district.
CM said that he wrote to the former Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change dr. Harshu Vardhanu, demanding that the construction of the Polavaram project be stopped. However, “Stop Work Order” was kept in the constant neglect of Odish’s concern.
“If the project is allowed to be completed before solving all outstanding issues, it will cause a permanent violation of the interests of the state of Odisha and its people,” CM said.
“I would sincerely ask you to kindly intervene in this case and give proper guidance to immediately suspend the work on the Polavaram project until all the outstanding issues are resolved,” CM added.

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