Naveen Welcomes Two Freedom Fighters Elected to Attend ‘At Home’ Ceremony

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today welcomed two freedom fighters who were elected on August 9 to attend a “home” ceremony in New Delhi.
The two freedom fighters are Sahadev Behera of Nayagarh and Nilamani Samal of Jaipur. The Patnaik paid homage to jokes and bouquets at the Secretariat.
Behera (96) was born in Kantillo, Nayagarh in 1923. In 1938, he took the lead and raised his voice against the torture of a former local king. The British ruler ordered the arrest of Beher.
He remained disguised for a year and two months to avoid arrest. He also participated in the Movement for Leaving India. After independence, he devoted himself to social service in the place.
Similarly, Samal, 90, was born in the Balipad village of Jajpur and participated in the Quit India movement in 1942. He was also involved in the attack on the Badachana police station. He was a close associate of prominent Freedom Fighter Brundaban Trippati.
He was arrested by the British ruler and spent three years and six months in Cuttak prison.
Finance Minister Niranjan Pujari and the department secretary were present, among others.

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