Naveen reveals Atlas food hazards for Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today presented the Atlas food hazards for Odish at a State Level State Disaster Committee meeting held here in the State Secretariat.
Speaking on that occasion, the chief minister said that Odisha was a flood situation. Floods cause great damage to life and property every year.
“This atlas will help identify areas of disaster-prone catastrophe, so that plans can be made to address this problem,” CM said, adding that the atlas will particularly help in flood management. The hazard athlete was created after determining the flood data in the period 2000-2018. It is also learned that about 14 lakh ha of agricultural land is affected by floods every year.
Atlas could help identify the most vulnerable areas that need to be kept in focus. Atlas was prepared by the National Center for Remote Research (NRSC) ISRO, Hyderabad and Odish State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA).
The meeting was attended by Agriculture Minister Arun Sahoo, Sudam Marndi Minister of Arrivals and Disasters, Minister for I & PR and Irrigation Minister Raghunandan Das, Director of NRSC (ISRO) Dr. Dibakar, Chief Secretary AP Padhi, Development Commissioner Asit Tripathy and Special Commissioner for Bishnupad Assistance Sethi.

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