Naveen asks students for greater participation in Ban Mahotsaw

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik advised students to participate in a large number at the state level of “Ban Mahotsaw” while attending the event at Raj Bhawan UP School here Wednesday.
Addressing students, Patnaik said: “The tree is life. If trees exist, our environment will be maintained. If the environment remains unwilling, we will be healthy. If we take care of the trees, the trees will take care of us. “
“As you know, the Cyclone Storm Fani caused great damage in the coastal area. 22 lakh trees were destroyed. Therefore, we launched the post-Fani coastal and afforestation mission. Under the mission, 80 lightweight shoots will be planted, “said CM.
In addition, 50 lakh seedlings will be delivered to various institutions and individuals in Fana affected areas for free. Similarly, Green Mahanadi mission, Ama Jungle Yojana, Sacred Groves, Green Odisha Mission and other plantation programs are in progress, he said.
In this rainy season, the state forest department will plant 6 young men. In addition, 4 trees will be given to different institutions, organizations and individuals.
“I appeal to the public, especially children, to join the planting program and help build a green and beautiful Odyssey,” Patnaik said.
On this occasion, CM presented awards to various forms of forest conservation for their outstanding works and winners of various competitions. He also planted Bakull’s tree and divided the shoots.

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