Mr. Jagannath does everything, we are leaders: SJTA boss

Bhubaneswar: Temple Command Shree Jagannath (SJTA) Pradipta Chief Kumar Mohapatra said that the world famous Rath Yatra will be spotlessly watched thanks to the grace of Lord Jagannatha.
In an interview with Pragmatadi’s executive editor, Birupakshya Tripathy on Tuesday, Mohapatra was confident that “Mr. Jagannath is doing everything, and we are just facilitators.” And Ego and Education never work. A man must surrender and do things according to the master’s orders. He does everything. Our work and efforts will be realized if done with excellence, “Mohapatra said.
Mohapatra said: A very heavy cyclonic storm Fani destroyed the city of pilgrims, Puri. The city has now returned to normal with the graces of Lord Jagannatha. The administration has taken all measures to provide facilities for numerous devotees who regularly land in Srikhetra. All the top hotels have been renovated to meet the needs of tourists. All budget hotels and departments are also equally scattered to allow a comfortable life for devotees.
The chief administrator of SJTA complained that Cyclone Fani destroyed the green cover of Puri, but said the government had taken all measures to make Puri alive in the last two months.
Giving details of the preparation of the world-renowned Rath Yatra, Mohapatra said that the clothes and ropes to be used at the festival were decorated. The National Committee on Coconut Production has provided ropes for this purpose, he added, adding that the ropes used in the last festivals will also be purchased.
He informed that while the state cooperative bank bears the cost of rope and transport, a devotee from Gujarat provides the clothes necessary for the Holy Trinity. The devotee of Delhi expressed his desire to adorn the Temple of Jagannath, Singhadwar and the wall of flowers. The flower decoration of the carriage will be allowed bearing in mind that their originality is not blurred. Likewise, the devotee of Phulbania provided a resin for rituals. Aromatic Musk (Kasturi) is delivered by a member of the royal family.
The chief temple administrator said that the Rath Yatra schedules were prepared with the consent of all the concerned Nijga. He said that the officials informed Gayaapati in Sri Nahar that the masters had recovered. They informed Gajapati that after Naba Jauban Besha on Tuesday, Ratha Yatra will be held on Thursday.
According to the schedule, Mangal Arati will be made at 6 am and Pahandi at 9 am. Mohapatra said that officials collaborate with the administration on the effective completion of Ratha Yatra.
It was decided that 19 boxes for donations around the temple of Sri Gundich and three cars would be installed. While four donation boxes will be placed around each car, seven numbers will be placed inside the temple. Mohapatra said that this arrangement was made in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court. He said that eighty percent of revenue from donation boxes will be allocated to officials and added that the remaining twenty percent will go to temple funds. The devotees are free to donate as much as they want in donation boxes, Mohapatra said and informed that the price of tickets was decided by the administration of the temple.
Jindal Steel gave financial support to the Rs 11 crore administration of the temple for a happy tour of the whole large Meghanade Pacheri. A 22-foot walkway will be arranged along with 200 chairs for the comfort of the devotee. The holy corridor will be equipped with sound systems for devotional songs. The Temple Administrator said Jagannath Ballav Mutt will be beautified with Nalco’s financial support. The public sector industry gave 60 crowns to place a replica of the Jagannath temple inside the Jagannath Ballav Mutt interpretation center.

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