Most important of the railway budget for 2019 for Odish

Bhubaneswar: Odisha received a total sum of Rs 5800 crore at Rs 6000 crore in the railroad budget 2019. While Rs 1400 crore was allocated for railways, the Rs 180 crore was awarded for travel content.
The most important of the railway budget for 2019 for Odish
Budget grants for 2019-20 for Odisha Railways are almost the same as they are given in the Provisional
Detailed figures are calculated, but like the last time it is expected that the total grant will range from 5800 to 6000 crowns, including allocations for various projects, travel facilities, restoration of tracks and repairs, roads across bridges, roads under bridges, electrification and equipment for staff,
Passenger facilities were given 180 Crores, which is very much
5 new research has been published.
2 automatic washing machines were approved for Bhubaneswar Coaching
Special authorities assigned to zonal railways to develop the maintenance of buses
Stress is set on the road across bridges and on the road under bridges and level elimination
Dodeca for large projects are given in the Annex.

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