More than 16,000 people evacuated to Germany to ease the World War II bomb

Berlin: More than 16,000 people were evacuated from Frankfurt to Germany for the destruction of the WWII bomb, the media wrote.
According to media reports, 500 kilograms of unexploded UXO bombs were found in Frankfurt near the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) headquarters in Frankfurt.
The authorities evacuated more than 16,000 people from the area. People living within a kilometer of the bomb were asked to leave for the safe destruction of the bomb.
Authorities said a bomb disposal could be difficult, as reports indicate that two bomb detonators are still underground, and only the last part of the bomb is visible from now on.
Reports have been said even after 75 years of World War II, Germany is still full of bombs and other unexploded ordnance. Reports indicate that US and British aviation have plunged 2.7 million tonnes of bombs into Europe, which is half that amount to Germany.
Earlier in April, 250 kilograms of the Second World War was found in the southern city of Regensburg in the country.

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