Monsoon Season: DGCA issues “Circular for Air Safety” for airlines

New Delhi: Given the monsoon season that is a challenge to aircraft operations, the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued Air Circular on Tuesday for airline companies.
“Airplane operations during the monsoon season pose challenges that have resulted in numerous phenomena. In view of this, operators are advised to adhere to the following precautions when planning operations during monsoon conditions, “the Circular issued by the DGCA states.
“Emphasis should be placed on the implementation of the stabilized approach criteria, as outlined in Operational Circle 3 of 2017. The crew should be encouraged to move around when the approach becomes unstable or in any situation that reduces visual references to allow for a safe landing,” said is a circular.
“It must be ensured that the crew is aware of the lighting system available at the airport, including the coded lighting system. The crew members should participate in the fatigue element associated with operations during adverse climatic conditions, “the Circular signed by Director General Bir Singh Rai said. The circular dispatch planning plan should take into account the latest weather conditions, the available NOTAMs and available substitutes for ensuring safe work.
“The crew should be aware of aircraft constraints and flight / landing performance calculation during adverse weather conditions,” it adds.
“While we comply with the minimum cockpit experience prescribed by the DGCA, operators should carry out their own risk assessment before conducting operations during adverse weather conditions and make available enough experienced cockpit crews,” the circular says.
The Circular explained that flying assistance should not be allowed and that MEL should be adhered to during all weather operations.

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