Modi Govt sets targets for ministries to fulfill the promise of the poll

New Delhi: Modi Department has asked ministries to set up control panels in key target areas in order to inform citizens about the progress report.
This direction was given to the ministries regarding the fulfillment of the promises from the survey.
According to the sources, the directive came in conjunction with the Secretary of the Government, Pradeep Kumar Sinha.
Official sources say: “There are key target areas that have been identified. These goals must be achieved in the next 100 days of the government. “
According to reports, the 100-day target began on July 5, the day the Union budget was presented and ends on October 15. system and launch a national assessment of the provision of e-services.
According to reports, Secretaries are invited by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to give concrete goals and achievements. There are 100 day goals, goals for one year, goals mid-year and five-year goals, sources say.
Government Modi identified 167 transformative ideas in different areas to be implemented in a time-limited manner.

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