Mo Bus driver returns bag with Rs 49,500 cash to passenger

Bhubaneswar: A bus driver working with the “Mo Bus” service has conquered the hearts of his honesty by returning a lost bag of cash worth 49,500 rupees to his owner.
Biswanath Khatua, captain of “Mo Bus”, made sure that the bag he found on the bus and that had 49,500 rupees in cash was returned to his rightful owner.
Kathua, who works as a driver for “Mo Bus” at Traveltime, a company commissioned by the Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) to run “Mo Bus”, was greatly appreciated by the team for its honesty.
The incident occurred Wednesday morning, June 26, when Khatua struck a bag unattended when he returned his bus on Route No. 25 to the terminus at Mancheswar.
The incident occurred at 9:00 am and Khatua followed for two and a half hours to return the money. It can be mentioned here that route no. 25 of “Mo Bus” runs between Mancheswar and Dumduma and vice versa.

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