Milk powder for dispatch: three, including the arrested

Cuttack: Police on Wednesday robbed a looted powdered milk powder worth more than 5 lacquers and arrested three people, including the organizers.
The defendants were identified as Smurti Ranjan Samal of Odysingar in Salepur, Ranjan Kumar Das of Nayagarha and Durga Prasad Maharana of Salia Sahi in Bhubaneswar.
Choudwar SDPO Prashant Mall has been held in custody today, who said that a shipment containing 257 boxes of powdered milk, sent to Nimpadi from the Amul depot of Nirgundi, was robbed in the middle of June 22nd.
During the investigation, it was found out that the accused Smurfija, who falsified his identity and driver’s license, was entrusted with the delivery of the shipment. His accomplices Ranjan and Durga helped him rob the powdered milk powder and forged documents, SDPO Malla said.
After that, three were arrested and 144 boxes of powdered milk were seized from them.
The indictees were transferred to the court and sought to apprehend other persons involved in the robbery, the SDPO SUDVA was further informed.

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