Mayawati’s Dig At BJP’s “Brand of Politics” After TDP Legislature Switch

New Delhi: The day after four deputies to the Telugu Desam Party decided to transfer to the BJP, party chief Bahujan Samaj, Majawat, ridiculed the party led by Narendra Modi for “engineing” their “transfer” to Rajya Sabha, and said “all is fair Policy of the BJP “.
“Yesterday, when the president gave assurances to the country on behalf of the government, the BJP devised the abduction of four TDP agents the same day,” she said in Hindi.
“It is clear that everything in the BJP policy is fair and that nothing is wrong,” she added.
Mayawati said that the BJP had earlier called two of these TDP lawmakers “corrupt,” but now that they joined their party, they became “doodh ka dhula” (pure).
Four of the six members of the TDP, Rajya Sabha – YS Chowdary, CM Ramesh, Garikapoati Mohan Rao, TG Venkatesh – met with vice-president Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday and gave him a letter stating that they “decided to merge” the TDP the legal party with the BJP. current effect.
The change was led by YS Chowdary, who was appointed a few days ago for the TDP leader in Rajya Sabha. He is considered to be close to TDP leader Chandrabab Naiduu, who was the state minister in the first NDA Narendra Modi government until March last year when the TDP withdrew from the coalition.
Mjawati was a constant critic of the government of Prime Minister Modi and skipped a formal meeting he called to discuss the “One Country Selection” initiative, saying that she would attend if EVMs were on the agenda.
The BSP head argued that the debate on “One nation, one choice” was a new fight by the BJP to draw people’s attention “as EVMS manipulated in an organized way to get rid of the country’s democracy.”

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