Maoists killing two on suspicion of being police informants

Malkangi: Armed Maoists killed two people in the village of Birbaram on the border of Odisha-Andhra Pradesh last night, suspecting that they were police informants last night.
The victims were identified as Bhaskar Rao and Satya Baba.
According to sources, a group of armed ultras had pulled out the pair from their homes and beat them. After an initial warning for a police informant, they shot at a duo on a village road. killing them on the spot.
Before leaving the village, red rebels from the Malkangiri-Koraput-Wizag border (MKV) left several posters next to the body of the killed villagers who warned people not to turn police informers away from a similar fate.
The police took over the body and launched a detailed investigation into the issue.

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