Malkangiri tribals protest the dam in Chhattisgarh

Malkangiri: The tribals of seven gram panchayats (GPs) in Malkangiri district protested the construction of a dam by Chhattisgarh on the Kokral river on Wednesday.
Millions of tribal men and women took part in a protest march under the banner of the Malkangiri District Tribal Association, as there was a danger that the construction of the dam across the river would submerge both villages.
According to sources, the organization has alleged that though the dam has been constructed by Chhattisgarh on a part of the river, it will have adverse effects on 70 villages in Malkangiri district.
“If Chhattisgarh government builds this dam, our villages will face many problems. Our state government should take some steps for rehabilitation. We are strongly opposing the construction of this dam, ”said a leader of the Malkangiri District Tribal Association.
Sources said that the tribals have demanded that the construction of the dam should be stopped immediately or the protest will intensify.

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