Lord Jagannath, brothers and sisters enter Shrimandir in Niladri Bije

Puri: The world-renowned Rath Yatra concluded today the return of Lord Jagannatha and his brothers and sisters to Srimandir in a special ritual called Niladri Biya.
This ritual was performed after the 12th day of the Rath Yatra, in which divine brothers and sisters, together with Lord Sudarshan, were taken to the temple and sat on the War Singhasana (decorated with throne) in the Gothic Pahandi procession.
Before entering the main temple, at the main gate (Jaya Vijaya Dwara), a traditional act was held between the servant of Lord Jagannatha and Mahalaxmi in the temple. Mahalaxmi, the wife of Lord Jagannatha, was angry because she remained in the main temple and was not part of the road to the Gundich Temple.
The greatest part of this ritual filled his divinity when Lord Jagannath tried to calm the goddess Laxmi by offering Rasagolla her. After a long persuasion, she allowed him to enter.
Daite’s employees led the procession of Pahandi in the midst of the beatings of cymbals, trumpets, drums and drums and the presentation of Gotipu and Odissi games.
According to tradition, Madan Mohan and Ramakrusha were first taken to the main temple. Then the Chaturdhamurates were implemented.

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