Lokayukta Ajit Singh calls for a corruption-free Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The chairman of Odisha Lokayukta, Justice Ajit Singh, appealed on Monday to the people to work together to eradicate corruption in the state and make it a “corruption-free” state.
When Singh attended Lokayukta’s first press conference today, he said Lokayukta’s body is not yet fully established, but has essentially been established in Odisha.
“The government is working wholeheartedly to make the Lokayukta of this state into a ‘model Lokayukta,” he added.
The purpose of the press conference was to sensitize the people of the state to the establishment of Lokayukta, so that they do not become victims of corruption and help the Lokayukta to free the state from corruption.
During the press conference, Lokayukta appealed to the people of Odisha not to become a victim of corruption and said that they could appeal to the Lokayukta.
He assured that everything would be done to ensure that the complainant would not be subjected to corrupt practices by public officials.
In addition to the press conference, Lokayukta also plans to reach the population by gradually organizing awareness-raising camps in all districts. The first reconnaissance camp will take place on June 29 in the district of Sambalpur.
The press conference of the chairman and members of Lokayukta, Odisha, took place today at 2.30 pm on the establishment and functioning of the Lokayukta, Odisha.
The 2014 Odisha Lokayukta Act entered into force on 7 July 2018, and the Lokayukta Facility was established on 28 February 2019.
Ajit Singh, former Supreme Judge of the Supreme Court of Guwahati, took over the position of First Chairman of the Lokayukta in Odisha on March 20, 2019.
Judge BK Nayak, former judge of the Supreme Court of Orissa, took office as a member of the Ministry of Justice on March 31, 2019; Members of Lokayukta on April 4, 2019.

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