Liquor Traders In Twin City Say No To Online Sale

Bhubaneswar: The liquor shop owners in the Twin City of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack have expressed their unwillingness for online sales. This comes a day after the Odisha government allowed home delivery of liquor in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.
Meanwhile the Cuttack District Foreign Liquor Traders’ Association on Sunday demanded the counter sale of alcohol instead of going online. Secretary of the Association, Biranchi Narayan Sahu, told the media that the government should provide them both the options.
Sahu said as the state government has fixed the monthly Minimum Guarantee Quota (MGQ) on the volume of liquor, the traders can meet the quota only through the offline sale of liquor. He added if the government will not allow the offline sale, then they will not open their shops.
The traders said they will have to pay the penalty to the state exchequer if the MGQ is not maintained.
A group of liquor shop owners in Cuttack said they do not have the manpower for the online business. Reports said over 15 liquor shop owners in the city had a marathon meeting in this regard on Saturday.
A liquor-shop owner in Bhubaneswar said there is a lot of commotion and confusion expected to arise from this online liquor-sale business. We will not be able to stand that after the dry (business) season extending over two months, he added.

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