Linking Lichis with Encephalitis Death A “Conspiracy”: Rajiv Pratap Rudy

New Delhi: BJP representative Bihar Rajiv Pratap Rudy today said it was unfair to claim that eating a lice was the cause of an outbreak of encephalitis in the country, a disease that killed more than 130 children in three weeks. Mr Rudy has conspired to damage the fruit brand and requested an investigation by the government of the government of linking the fruits of the deaths of children from that illness. He also said it was “fun” to believe that it looks like the cause of encephalitis.
“We are told that the consumption of lice by children in Bihar Muzaffarpur can be the cause of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES). It’s a conspiracy to damage a brand like … We have been eating litchis since our childhood but we did not suffer AES (Acute Encephalitis Syndrome) Rudy said in a parliamentary debate during the Zero Hour, PTI news agency reported.
Rudy also said that misinformation has led to people not eating their face and drinking juice from the lichen.
Voicing concern over stopping the export of lynx after claiming that more than 30 hectares of fruit produced in the country, Mr. Rudy urged not to “kill this industry”. He also said that the cause of the spread of AES can be “something else”.
“My concern is whether this is actually litchis or something else, it’s a monetary culture, do not kill this industry, let’s be more pragmatic and find the reason for the death of children.” “About 120 lives are lost, it’s fun to believe that it looks like a cause,” he said. Rudy is, according to ANI news agency.
Speaking about the government’s investigation, Mr. Rudy also said that the interests of farmer liquor must be protected.
“The government has to investigate whether there is a conspiracy to jeopardize the interest of Indian farmers’ faces by linking the deaths of children due to the AES in Muzaffarpur to the consumption of the personality,” PTI said.
Experts blamed the high incidence of hypoglycaemia on a toxin found in an immature person, believed to be consumed by undernourished children. However, medical experts remain polarized about the origin of the outbreak in Bihar Muzaffarpur.

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