Labor union leader attacked past hostility

Bhubaneswar: The leader of a trade union of a working organization is allegedly attacked by unidentified criminals at his residency in the Kalaharanga area of ??Bhubaneshara last night.
The victim was identified as Jatikant Behera, leader of the trade union of Paradip Dock and Construction.
According to sources, Jatikant, along with members of his family, quickly slept last night when around 7 to 8 criminals were burning in his house. In contrast to family members, the despairers tied them with a rope.
Later, the criminals entered the Jatikant’s bedroom and beat it with iron bars. Having heard the scream, Jatikant’s son went to save his father, but he received critical injuries after being assaulted on his head.
After being informed of the incident, the police arrived at that place and launched an investigation.
While the exact cause of the incident has yet to be determined, the police suspect that this is a fall out of the past hostility.

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