Kiara Advani Dating Vicky Kaushal?

Kiara Advani appears mostly on social media or events for her films, photographs and videos. Rarely can you see that his name is being instigated for his alleged relationship with his co-star or someone outside the industry? Of course, when Vijay Deverakonda and the “Kabir Singh” actress teamed up for an ad shoot, rumors arose about their linkup but they were short-lived. However, when a video of the “Good Nouveauz” actress with someone similar to Vicky Kaushal recently surfaced online, rumors of Kiara Advani dating the “Uri” actor started circulating. In the video, Kiara is seen happily conversing with a man in a restaurant and is accompanied by two other friends. Looking back, it looks like the man is Vicky Kaushal and through the video you just look at his back, so there is little chance to guess that he is someone else.
Only when he wakes up to leave the restaurant do you get a very brief glimpse of the man, but enough to confirm that he is not a “Razai” actor. Anyway, it’s only when you’ve gone through the entire video that you can say that Kiara is not with Vicky but someone else. But the photos that show the man all the way indicate that he is Vicky Kaushal.

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