Khurda, Bhadrak Dist Admin step up to find about returnees from other states

Khurda/Bhadrak: In a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus in Odisha, Collectors of Khurda and Bhadrak has opted certain measures.
As per available reports, nearly 20,000 people from Khurda who currently are in other states have to register themselves online with State government before coming back to the district. This was informed by Khurda District Collector Sitanshu Rout.
On the other hand, Bhadrak District Collector Gyana Das has urged the populace of the district to provide information about persons who returned from other states recently.
The move was adopted by Das after the latest cases detected in Bhadrak proved to be due to returnees from other States.
Amid a rise in coronavirus positive cases in Odisha and a possible link to West Bengal, the state government has now stepped up vigil and is not allowing entry of anyone from the neighbouring state.
Meanwhile, Odisha is expecting 5 lakh people to return to state from outside states after COVID19 lockdown.
To ensure mandatory registration of the returnees and for effective management of Covid-19, sarpanchs will be given the powers of a collector and the law has been changed accordingly.

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