Kendrapara bizman shooting: 8-hour disctrict bandh today

Kendrapara: Furious about attempting to kill Rammandirov’s president Bibken and Moharana, he called the county today at Kendrapara County for eight hours.
Agitation was called Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and Banik Sangha. Demonstrators demand immediate arrest of the accused.
However, the Patkura constituency involved in the survey was excluded from the gang’s jurisdiction. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik will visit the area today to track the Patkur campaign according to the poll.
According to sources, the agitators organized a blockade of the roads in Cuttack-Chandabala Tinimuhani Chaki, while shops, business facilities, educational institutions and government offices remained closed.
The movement of the vehicle was also disturbed by the breakthrough by the demonstrators. However, emergency services are exempt from gang jurisdiction.
In this area, five water bodies have been deployed to avoid any adverse situation.
Significantly, Bibekanand Moharana, 45, a businessman and local President Rammandir, received critical injuries after firing at unidentified criminals near Guldaganda on July 13 in Dandamunda.

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