Kangaroo court: wife beaten by villagers for not paying well

Nayagarh: In another case of the kangaroo court’s cruelty, a woman was allegedly dragged out of her home and beaten mercilessly for failing to pay the fines imposed on her by the villagers.
The incident occurred today in the village of Udaypur in the district of Nayagarh.
According to sources, the woman was beaten by some residents of the village of Udaypur after she had not paid 1.42 rupees fine imposed by “Grama Sabha” for theft.
Witchcraft was also reportedly used to identify the accused thief, and the trial was conducted last night under the direction of Grama Sabha.
The Grama Sabha imposed the fine on the Over for stealing jewelry from her brother-in-law’s home.
The victim later registered a complaint with the Sadar police regarding the incident. While a case has been registered, an investigation into the matter is in progress, sources said.

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