Kangaroo court: Lovebirds in Mayurbhanj toned, three arrested

Mayurbhanj: Police arrested three people in connection with the violent removal of the heads of two love birds in Mayurbhanj district.
According to sources, the incident took place on 22 June in the village of Mandua, under the police border of Karanjia in the Mayurbhanjh district, and had become viral in the social media.
The incident also showed a clear picture of the kangaroo court.
According to reports, the couple, a teenager of Karanjia NAC, was in love with a girl from the village of Mandua. They had been involved in a love affair for a long time. When the boy went to see his lover on June 22, he was held by a group of people in Mandua Village. The villagers then harassed the couple and recorded how they had taken their heads off.
Some locals also recorded videos of the entire incident, which later became viral on social media platforms. The video shows villagers holding on to the boy and girl and a person cutting their hair.
When the police were informed, she hurried to the village and rescued the love birds.
Due to the victim’s complaint, a case was registered against 22 people. While a search operation was launched to kill the perpetrators, so far three people were arrested, sources said.

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