Junior accountant of forestry department arrested for accepting bribes of Rs. 10,000

Sambalpur: Alert officers arrested a junior accountant at the Bolangir division fabricator’s office on Friday for receiving a ransom of Rs 10,000.
Kalindi Charan Bhuyan was caught red-handed when he received the bribe of complainant Parsuram Behera, 70, from the village of Madhiapali in Bolangir.
According to sources, Bhuyan had demanded Behera’s bribe to process and ensure the approval of DFO, Bolangir, for six tenants of Bhoipali and Kanheimunda for the felling and sawing of their recorded land.
Later, Behera filed a complaint with the Sambalpur Vigilance department and a trap was set up to catch the defendant.
Bhuyan was bribed today at 11:35 am by the complainant in his office when he was caught red-handed by the Vigilance team. The bribe was taken out of the pants package of the defendants and seized in the presence of witnesses.
Both the hand washing and washing of the suspect’s right side pocket with sodium carbonate solution produced a positive chemical reaction, confirming the accused’s acceptance of bribes.
The tenants’ documents were confiscated and the defendant was forwarded to the Special Court for Alertness, Bolangir.

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