Jadu-Manjrekar has every right to criticize

New Delhi : How can Sanjay Manjrekar mock because of the suffering of this disease that has taken on universal proportions? Evaluating, insulting, selling false stories and false stories is global entertainment. Even Jadu was declared a knight because of vomiting on Twitter, and not for three domestic triples. But the hopelessly spoiled cheese of Jade, humongously overpaid and unusually powerful as his other teammates, does not like to be examined.
How dare the commentators on the payroll list of BCCI, such as Sanjay, whose reflection ability reflects his style of hitting – right but cluttered, call Jade for what he is – players in a limited number of cricket? The experts are there to praise, not to expose. Was there not a serious retaliation against Harsh Bhogle?
Ravindra Jade is not Sanath Jayasuriya, Yuvraj Singh or Shakib al-Hassan. Around him he heard buzzing when he began. But from the promises made in 2008-10, Sir Jade was a real disappointment, regardless of the dances of the sword and the comedy of Sir. His stroke fell over the years, although bowling (mostly in tests) matured under Hirwani’s tutorship.
Anyone does not question his place anyway on the test page, where he is included as a specialist. Jadu in India has dropped a lot of wickets and is especially deadly in other modifications. Apart from his field service, which he can provide as a substitute, I do not recall any superlative blow or bowling effort in 150 odd ODIs or a variety of T20 that he managed to be a part. In a way, he was ineffective in his ODI career as Manjrekar, despite having played twice as many matches – as the solitary Jude pointed out.
Despite the fact that since 2009, Jade was not selected for the 2011 World Cup. In 2015, he scored 57 runs on an average of 11.20 and asked for 9 wickets. In his entire career, he scored 10 in the average of less than 30 (supported by 33 no exits) and chose 174 wickets at an average of 36. I still remember how he defeated Pandy in the final of the 2017 Trophy Championships. You had to bear the weight of the young man’s anger . The cricketing label “pieces and pieces” could disturb it, but not much.
In addition, Sanjay Manjrekar has his rights and privileges as a commentator. Sometimes even monkeys in the cage shout visitors to the zoo. One has to earn his paycheck. Half of the problem Sanjay Manjrekar stems from his innate desire to be true, and the other half of his intellectual pretensions. It can be said in favor of Sandzi that he acts wickedly against everyone, without any exceptions. He did not hesitate to question Dravida during one of his long-lasting falls, or Sachin for his delayed and dramatic exit. Sanjay was also quite open in his critique of Dhoni. He often had to eat modest cakes because of his wrong predictions. In the era of paid news, flexible news and social media, you are not expected to speak your opinion. This is the place where Sanjay killed the Jade, MSD and Whistlepod brigade in the wrong way.
It is completely illogical to assume that only those who have played 100 or more tests can have an opinion about cricket and players. Most coaches, managers and commentators would then be out of work. More importantly, fans will be reduced to the status of cheerleaders. The basic premise of Jadu’s partridge is defective – it does not matter how much the game was played by the two, it is important whether Sanja’s claims were earned!
Let’s not forget that Sanjay Manjrekar is not cricket. He was a technically healthy batsman who achieved centuries in Bridgetown, Karachi, Lahore and Harare. His innings from 377 vs Hyderabad in 1991. The previous semifinal still stands as the second highest Indian first class result after BB Nimbalkar 443. If someone who spent his entire life in Vijay Manjreka’s household, the Indian and Mumbai dressings room and Commentary Box has no right to speak bitter truth, then who has it?
Jadu should also remember that Sanjay managed to play half ODIs like him, despite being a cruel cricketer. In his autobiography, “Imperfect,” Sanjay admitted that cricket was not his first love and would not become a cricketer that his father was not a legend. With disarming sincerity, Sanjay even opened the questions of trust he faced in the last 4-5 years of his career. Can anyone from the one who goes to the question of his obsession with the technique at the price of running always expect to monitor the calibration?
Thirst and search for “respect” are modern phenomena. Jadu wants to respect him for his 150 ODI excursions, Sanjay for his 74. Housewives want respect for sacrificing their careers, busy women expect to be too busy. Politicians demand respect for arguments in assemblies, directors and actors assume that their duty is despite bad films. If everyone continued to pay respect, the world would become a common licking club, and the truth would be a victim. There is a thin line that separates reconciliation with respect.
The ultimate time is for Jade to realize that when he addresses himself as Sir Jade, he ridicules himself as someone who does not walk with his story and has a lot to do. Or, at best, he applauded what a cool guy is. Your beard, false chivalry or “dancing with swords” do not make you a world hit. Your IPL exploitation does not give you immunity from criticism, right or wrong. In fact, Jadu encounters a slightly petty and vindictive role while doing this job to satisfy his Lord Captain (MSD) who never dirty his hands.

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