It is important that the country makes progress. Every Indian has the authority: PM modes

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday that the NDA government has never deviated from the development path or watered down the development agenda.
While responding to the motion of gratitude for the president’s speech to the Lok Sabha parliament, Modi emphasized the vision of the Union government, saying that the government believed in the common good and modern infrastructure.
“It is important for the country to evolve, for every Indian to be strengthened, and for our nation to have a modern infrastructure,” the Prime Minister added.
He thanks the members of the House, especially the first-time parliamentarians, for their participation in the debate. He added that the President’s speech provided for a new India, as millions of Indians would dream.
Regarding the strong mandate of the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the prime minister said India’s population had re-elected a stable government after evaluating their performance.
“The 2019 Lok Sabha elections show that people in India are thinking about the good of the nation. This spirit is wonderful, “said PM. He added that it would be satisfying to have the opportunity to look after 130 million Indians and do work that positively affects the lives of citizens.
The Prime Minister said that his government believes that every citizen has contributed to the progress of India. He also reminded the house of the dark days after the emergency.
Following Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary and 75 years of India’s independence as a milestone in India’s history, the Prime Minister urged everyone to vigorously observe these events. He said that the country’s citizens should strive to build the India that our freedom fighters dreamed of and to live for the nation.
The PM said that within a few weeks of taking office, the Union government made many decisions that speak for the people. He said that these decisions will benefit immensely farmers, traders, youth and various other parts of society. He added that the government has begun to fulfill the nation’s promises.
Regarding the importance of water conservation, Modi mentioned the measures taken by the Union government, including the constitution of the Ministry of Jal Shakti. He urged people to take concrete steps to save water. He said that the water crisis affects the poor and women the most. He affirmed that the government feels obliged to give water to every household.
The Prime Minister called for a joint effort to make India into a $ 5 trillion economy. He added that promoting tourism and improving tourism infrastructure has a positive impact on economic prosperity. He also referred to the importance of “Make in India” and the development of skills.
Modi claimed that there is no room for corruption in the nation. He said that the government will continue its fight against corruption. He said that the government is committed to enabling all citizens to have a comfortable life, and urged everyone to work towards the creation of a new India.

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