Indian Navy Commission Dornier Squadron INAS 313

New Delhi: Indian Naval Squadron (INAS) 313, the fifth Dornier aircraft squadron was ordered by the Indian navy by Admiral Karambir Singh at a ceremony held at the Naval Air Enclave, Meenambakkam, today.
Vice Admiral Atul Kumar Jain, AVSM, VSM, Commander of the Flag of the Eastern Navy (ENC), KJA Kumar VSM, the flag officer who manages the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Naval Area (FOTNA) and many other dignitaries are also present at the launch ceremony .
Addressing the gathering, Admiral Karambir Singh said: “The commissioning of INAS 313 marks another milestone in our efforts to strengthen maritime security and preserve the maritime interests of our country.”
He also stressed the importance of India to retain the advantage over opponents in preparation for defense. The geopolitical situation in the region should be constantly monitored. It is therefore necessary to maintain control over the Bengal Bay, Palk Bay and neighboring regions. The strategic position of the squadron will give the nation a dominance over the northeastern part of the Indian Ocean, which also consists of trade routes.
Escadrila will work with Chennai International Airport. With the commissioning of INAS 313, the State of Tamil Nadu will have three naval air bases; which is the largest number for any coastal state. INS Rajali in Arakkamam and INS Parundu in Ramnad remained two air bases in Tamil Nadu.
INAS 313 received the name “Sea Eagle” from the bird of prey of the Accipitridae family. The characteristic of the squadron depicts the “Great Eagle Eagle” that searches for vast blue and white sea waves. Spot “Large red eagle” is a large bird of prey and has good sensory capabilities, symbolizing the foreseen role of the squadron. The Squadron will operate the Dornier Airplane, a multi-role short-range aircraft (SRMR) produced by HAL under the license of RUAG Aerospace.
The aircraft is used for maritime surveillance, search and rescue operations, and for providing information on targeting weapon platforms. By contributing to autochthonous development and self-confidence through Make in India, the Navy procures 12 new Dornier aircraft from HAL with improved sensors and equipment, including glass cockpit, advanced surveillance radar, electronic intelligence (ELINT), optical sensors and network functions. These planes are delivered in stages of the Indian Navy.
INAS-313 is commanded by Cdr Vivek Koman, an experienced and experienced pilot of Dornier with great experience in work.

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