India needs a cultural renaissance to spread the treasures of ancient knowledge: the vice president

New Delhi: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said on Sunday that India needed a cultural revival, a movement to spread awareness and exchange knowledge to give the ordinary man the best in Indian thought.
Affirming that “sharing and care” was the core of Indian philosophy, the vice president stressed the need to create a society that actually demonstrates Indian philosophy.
Addressing a gathering after publication of books – Vivekadeepini, a concise book of aphorisms that provides insights into the wisdom of India in English and nine Indian languages, the vice president said that the Indians were happy that spiritual leaders like Adi Shankaracharye and Swami Vivekananda shaped our country’s ethical foundation.
Naidu said that the pieces of wisdom originally written by Adi Shankarachary in Prashnottara Ratnamalika have universal significance regardless of religion or community and represent ethical and moral perspectives that support the Indian view of the world.
“You will agree that these parts of wisdom are truly universal. It is an intellectual heritage that every Indian should not only be proud of, but live those values ??in everyday life, “he added.
Naidu wanted schools and colleges across the country to take the lead with NGOs such as Vedanta Bharati to spread the universal message of tolerance, inclusion, harmony, peace, well-being, good behavior, excellence and empathy that is repeated in India, a spiritual tradition with clear clarity .
Observing that the ancient knowledge of India must be rediscovered, a treasure whose positive action was felt all over the world, Naidu said that this was an important link to the past. “It is a treasure that constantly inspires us to be at the global level a voice of peace, ethical behavior and sustainable development,” he added.
Naidu appreciated the efforts of the publisher to translate into nine Indian languages ??and said there was an urgent need to take more such efforts to spread the knowledge of ancient India.
The Vice President also praised Vedanta Bharati for spreading the wisdom of Sri Adi Sankaracharye in English, Canadian, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Odi and Gujarat. Stating that the message should reach people in the right way, he expressed the hope that Vivekadeepini will be implemented in all Indian languages.
Emphasizing the need to promote the use of their mother tongues, he stressed that language and culture go together.
Calling for the end to gender and other forms of discrimination, he said that caste is the biggest loss of society and that it must be removed at the earliest.

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