Include yoga in the curriculum and the program for the fight against life diseases: vice president

New Delhi: Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has called for the popularization of yoga and admission to the curriculum for promoting a healthy lifestyle and fighting the increasing incidence of non-communicable diseases in the country.
Participating in the celebration of the International Yoga Day organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Vishwa Vidyalaya in the historical sites of the Red Fortress, today the vice-president said that ancient Indian practice not only ensures physical fitness and mental balance, but also introduces discipline. He called on the Center and various state governments to create a part of yoga in the school curriculum.
Observing that irregular eating habits damage health, Naidu warned people, especially young people, not to eat junk food. “Instant food means constant illness,” he said, as the autochthonous food practices handed down by our ancestors were suitable for every season and region and should be adopted.
Noting that people are facing tremendous pressures in everyday life, the vice president said that there is a great need for the introduction of a subtle yoga science, which everyone can use not only to achieve physical well-being, but also to lead a better life by making enlightened choices.
Observing that yoga implies simplicity, honesty, empathy and respect for all creatures and nature, Naidu said that the one-dimensional quest for more resources, wealth, pleasure and power has led to erosion of values, ethics and non-selective exploitation of natural resources. “Now we see the result of all this in the form of climate change and rising inequalities. We must arrest this craving for materialistic searches, “he added. The vice president said Yoga was focused on “balance” and “indifference” and called for the avoidance of unhandled exploitation of nature and excessive consumption. “Sustainability must be a new mantra. “Balance” is at the heart of sustainability. And this “balance” in all spheres, starting with physical well-being, is what we are dealing with in yoga, “said the vice-president. Saying that yoga reflects Bharatiya’s lifestyle coexisting harmoniously with nature and all other living beings, Naidu said that real yoga develops harmonious relationships with oneself, others and the environment that forms the basis of healthy societies and a healthy planet. . Love We must love and live with nature, nature and culture for a better future, “he added. Expressing his happiness due to the increasing popularity of yoga around the world, the vice president said that it is a matter of pride for the country when after the prime minister, the Shri Narendra Modi initiative, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated all over the world. June 21st. The vice president also trained several yoga asana, along with 30,000 yoga sadhaks gathered at the celebration. Later, a book titled “Siridhanyal (Millets) – Food That Cures” was presented by dr. Kahdar Vali, advocate of healthy eating habits, and Venkateshwar, president of the Rythu Nestham Foundation vice president.

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