Identify infected officers and mandatory retirement: Anil Baijal

NEW DELHI: Governor Lil Anil Baiaal today sent Delhi, DDA deputy chief of police, police commissioner and municipal commissioners to identify “infected” officers and “obliging them to retire.”
Baiaal said that the move was aimed at removing dead wood and dark sheep, and eliminating corruption in the functioning of the government.
According to the LG office, the Lieutenant Governor wrote to Secretary General Vijay Kumar Devu, DDA deputy Tarun Kapoor, Police Commissioner Amulia Patnaik and municipal commissioners, asking them to take action under appropriate rules and send a report on the action within the month.
“In order to ensure that government machinery remains efficient, effective and superior, he instructed the Secretary General, Delhi, VC, DDA, @CPDelhi and municipal commissioners to take the necessary actions according to FR 56 (j) / CCS (Pension) rules for mandatory retirement ” officer (sic) ”, Mr. Baijal tweeted.
“The action is important for the removal of” dead wood “and” dark sheep “in order to eliminate corruption from the government’s functioning (sic),” he added.
In a statement, L-G said that honesty and integrity are two foundations of the public service, without which no administration can hope to achieve its goal of providing services to citizens in a fair, efficient and effective way.
“It is necessary to adopt a multifaceted strategy using countless measures – legal, administrative and technological – to eliminate corruption from the functioning of the government,” he said. Baijali in the statement.
Mr. Baijali wished to take steps in accordance with instructions issued from time to time by the Indian government.
This move has approached the dismissal of 12 senior tax officials for income tax, including officers for joint commissioners, on the basis of accusations of corruption and unprofessional conduct.
She also included an IRS officer who worked as a commissioner (complaint) in Noida, who was charged with sexual harassment by an IRS lady, commissioner officer.

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