IAF transports all members of the rescue team from the AN-32 crash site to Arunachal Pradesh

NEW DELHI: The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Saturday took over all members of the rescue team of the mountaineering team from the crash site AN-32 in Arunachal Pradesh, after more than two weeks.
A team of 15 members, consisting of eight members of the IAF, four members of the army and three civilians, were taken out by IAF’s helicopter Aalo around 5:15 pm, says the IAF. The helicopters ALH and Mi-17V5 were used in the operation. The team camped at the site of the disaster on June 12th.
An attempt to retreat was delayed due to adverse weather conditions and rains that improved slightly on Saturday night, which allowed risky helicopter operations to be undertaken.
According to IAF, all team members are good and healthy. The IAF thanked the military, the state administration, the police and local civilians for their “unwavering support in this search and rescue mission”.
Earlier that day, Ratnakar Sing, Wing Commander, PRO Defense, Shillong said: “The IAF is making every effort to reach the trek team and to provide them with a balance among other bases.”
“Several flights have been launched to save the team, but excessive cloud coverage due to heavy monsoons has prevented the deployment of a helicopter. However, we are in constant communication with them via satellite phones,” he added.
The team has been stranded at an elevation of about 12,000 feet over the past 18 days, where it was tasked to recapture the bodies of 13 aviators on the AN-32 plane that crashed in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh earlier in June. .
On June 3, the Russian AN-32 plane disappeared 33 minutes after taking off from Assam’s Yorhat. Wreckage was found nine days later.

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