“I hope there is a positive decision”: Ashok Gehlot after the meeting of Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : Chief Minister Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot was the owner of the responsibility for the poor representation of that party in the country in the national elections today, hours before the ministers of the congressional countries met with Rahul Gandhi. After the meeting, Mr. Gehlot said that Rahul Gandhi listened carefully to them “and now they will decide on this … we hope there will be positive decisions”.
In a tweet series earlier, Mr. Gehlot said that only Rahul Gandhi can “lead the party in the current scenario, his commitment to the welfare of our country and fellow countrymen is uncompromised and unattainable.”
Gandhi announced his intention to step down as party boss last month, two days after promising national election results. At a meeting later, he also expressed dissatisfaction over the fact that senior leaders and chief ministers who set up their sons to the polls and limited themselves to their campaign, instead of working for a party campaign across the country.
Ashok Gehlot was one of the alleged offenders, and the party, barely six months after Rajasthan withdrew the BJP, failed to win any of the 25 seats in the state of Lok Sabha.
Mr Gehlot, whose supporters returned, arguing that he had only given a fraction of his time to his son, announced the tweet: “All the top ministers of the Congress have made the decision that the states will meet with Congress President Sh. We all earlier stated that we are with Hon ‘blo CP and we have responsibility for debacle 2019.’

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