“I can not work at the speed of lightning”: Karnataka Speaker On Meeting Rebels

NEW DELHI: Ten rebel MPs from Karnataka, who are heavily protected by police, went briskly to the chamber of the president at the state assembly of Vidhan Soude on Thursday holding blank papers and reshuffling a resignation that, if accepted, would leave the coalition of the ruling Congress Janat Dal Minin . “They resigned,” President Ramesh Kumar told reporters after a one-hour meeting.
Asked whether he accepted the resignations he dismissed due to the wrong format, the president said: “You can not expect to work at the speed of light. I have to go through the constitutional procedure, resignation all night, and determine if they are honest.”
The Supreme Court ordered him to meet with rebel legislators, who are in Mumbai on Saturday, and decide whether to accept their resignation. After a meeting with the president, 14 legislators returned to Mumbai, according to the Press Agency of India press agency.
The meeting was filmed with a video on the claim that the lawyer who gave up yesterday K Sudhakar was deceived and imprisoned by the Congress and JDS leaders. One of the insurgents, B Basavaraj, was seen halfway into the president’s cabinet. When they got in, they allegedly told the president that he would resign again in the format that Mr. Ramesh wanted.
The rebels went to the Supreme Court yesterday claiming that the president did not accept their letter of resignation as a tactic that had been delayed to help the Congress and JSA governments and gave time to their negotiators.
The president also joined the highest court; he asked for time to examine whether the resignations were forced or voluntary. Mr Kumar said his constitutional duty was to check resignations and that “such an investigation can not be completed immediately or at least 12 noon today.”
A group of 11 rebel legislators resigned on Saturday, and five have since quit. The Chairman did not accept any of the letters; If it does, the coalition will immediately drop below halfway, and the BJP will swing most of the time.
After examining the letters on Tuesday, Kumar dismissed eight, urging lawmakers to meet him on July 17. Representation of dissidents, former State Prosecutor Mukul Rohatagi said that the president “has become scarce, does not do what it should be doing.”
The Karnataka coalition led by HD Kumaraswamy, which came to power in May last year, remains in power on its nails after 18 resignations since last week.
118 members of the coalition will be reduced to 100, and the majority will be reduced from 113 to 105. The BJP has 105 members and the support of two independent independent candidates, which concerns 107 members.
Despite the breakthrough due to the President’s deadline, the desperate congress was unable to persuade the insurgents to return to the circle despite the efforts of his troubled agent, DK Shivakumar, a skilled peace broker holding the alliance for more than a year.
Ten rebels went to the Supreme Court yesterday after Mr. Shivakumar came to meet them at a five-star hotel in Mumbai and was blocked by police for hours. They firmly refused to meet with Mr. Shivakumar, who was finally taken to the airport by the Mumbai police and sent back in the next flight to Bengaluru.

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