Hyderabad Guwahati flight makes emergency landing at BPIA

Bhubaneswar: The private airline Indigo had a difficult day on Sunday when two of its domestic flights made emergency landings. While a flight from Delhi to Mumbai after landing at the airport encountered a malfunction of the nose wheel, a flight from Hyderabad to Guwahati landed at the Biju Patnaik International Airport after behaving unruly on board.
According to reports, the flight to Mumbai was a safe landing and was checked by a technical team after a front wheel malfunction.
“An IndiGo 6E 189 flight from Delhi to Mumbai had a nosewheel steering error after landing safely in Mumbai and the landing was on schedule, and the plane was towed into the parking bay for further inspection by the IndiGo technical team,” the airline said.
In addition, the aircraft was declared to be airworthy after maintenance. Although the airline described the landing as a precautionary landing rather than an emergency, the passengers had a different story to tell.
Similarly, the flight was diverted from Hyderabad to Guwahati as part of an emergency protocol after a 20-year-old passenger aboard had given in to reluctant behavior. The defendant was handed over to the airport police.
The man reportedly unleashed a ruckus that triggered a trigger on the passengers and even tried to open a door on the plane, as a passenger quoted by a news agency said. The flight departed for Guwahati after unloading the recalcitrant passenger who was taken to Capital Hospital for examination.

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