Hindus in the Ayodhya gift country for Muslims as a tomb

Ayodhya: Hindus in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh have donated land to the Muslims for a funeral. The commendable gesture could solve tensions between two communities.
According to media reports, the land was donated here in the village of Belarikhan under the constituency of the Gosaiganj Assembly.
For years the country was reportedly a dispute between the two communities. Surya Kumar Jhinkan Maharaj, a local seer, and eight other shareholders signed the registered document for 1.25 bissas land on 20 June to bury the dispute forever.
Maharaj said: “The land was according to records the Hindus. It is on the side of a cemetery and some Muslims have buried their dead in the countryside. There were quarrels and tensions. But now we have clarified the matter. “
Officials said it was a gift from the Hindu community through a proper document and stamp duty, and the land would soon be included in the income records.

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