Higher Daitapati naps with Lord Sudarsan, the image becomes viral

Puri: The controversy surrounded Rath Yatru this year as well, because the photo of a servant who shook hands on Lord Sudarsan moved to social media platforms.
According to sources, the photo shows a senior official of Daitapati, Premananda Dasmohapatra, who rests with Lord Sudarsan at the Chariot Dwarpadalani Devi Subhadra.
Soon after the images of the incident came to the forefront, it caused harsh criticism from several circles. Intellectuals say he hurt the religious feelings of people in Odyssey. This also caused great disappointment among the devotees.
However, senior Daipati Binayak Das Mohapatra denied the claims that the image was made and reshaped, sources said.

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