Hi-Tech scam: Court asks Odish government to pay Rs 63.55 crore to cheated investors

Cuttack: A specially designated Cheyenne Court here on Tuesday sent the government of Odish to pay 63.55 steals among investors who were cheated by the High Tech group.
The court issued an interim order and asked the competent authority and Cuttack ADM to release the amount together with interest for fair distribution among deceived investors.
In 2012, five cases were registered against Tirupati Panigrahi, Tirupati Choudhury and Madhusudan Panigrahi, CEO and Director of the Hi-Tech Group for the misuse of deposited amounts of various intentional parcel buyers in their five different projects.
The accused were arrested and sent to the court on December 25, During the hearing of the request for release, the Supreme Court ordered the accused persons to deposit 63.55 pounds as a condition for the award of the ball. After the accused deposited this amount in front of the Supreme Court’s Registry, the state government moved the Supreme Court in the interests of misleading investors to add that amount for fair distribution among misleading investors.
After that, the court at the top of July 25, 2017 allowed the state to add the amount. In accordance with the aforementioned order, on August 5, 2017, the economic wings for economic offenses (EOW) moved the government to issue a temporary order for the issuance of a temporary attachment in relation to the above amount, so that it can be just distributed among the deceived investor.
Accordingly, the government issued an interim order to join on January 18, 2018. The Special Court in Cuttack issued a provisional order on absolute connection on Monday and sent a competent authority, that is, ADM, Cuttack, to release the loan amount together with interest.

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