Hera Panchami today; Goddess Mahalaxmi break Nandighosha’s car of Lord Jagannatha

Puri: The goddess Mahalaxmi will break the chariot of Lord Jagannatha, who will mark Hera Panchami on Monday at the Gundich temple.
According to the ritual, angered by Lord Jagannatha because he left her alone in the temple, the goddess Mahalaxmi on the fifth day, went to Gundich’s temple. After completing the Bandapan ritual, she comes to Jaya Bijaya Dwara, where she is provided with an “agyan mala” (wreath of consent) removed from the body of Lord Jagannatha.
While angry, Gundich’s door is locked for her. Feeling insulted, she orders her servants to break the part of Nandigosha. Later, he returns to the main temple through the gate of Nakachane, taking the path of Hera Gohiri Sahi.
Meanwhile, the devotees gathered in large numbers to offer prayer to the Holy Trinity in the Adapi Mandap, because Durshan was limited from 21 hours yesterday to morning for the “Banaka Lagi Seva”.
During Rath Yatra, Lord Jagannath leaves his temple and leaves with his brothers and sisters Lord Balabhadra and Boginja Subhadra a nine-day stay in Gundich’s temple. They were welcomed with the offer of tasty Padopitos. Now Jagannath will rest in his aunt’s house for seven days together with other deities. After seven days, he and his brothers and sisters will return to their temple Jagannath in Puri. This return trip is called Bahuda Yatra.

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