Held meeting on development of agricultural marketing and cold chain infrastructure in Odisha

Bhubaneshwar: A meeting with officials of the Asian Development Bank on agricultural marketing and development of cold chain infrastructure in Odisha was held today at Krishi Bhavan in Bhubaneswar under the chairmanship of the Commissioner of Agricultural Production, Pradeep Kumar Mohapatra.
Dr. Saurabh Garg, Principal Secretary, DAFE, Mr. Divakar Gupta, Vice President, Private Sector and Co-Financing, Asian Development Bank, Veer Vikramayadav, IAS, Commissioner cum Secretary, Department of Cooperation participated in it. Dr. M Muthukumar, IAS, Director, Agriculture and FP, Rural Development and Food Security, Agriculture, SDCC, Mrs Tushna Dora, Investment Specialist, Mrs Mary Lakra, Additional Secretary, DAFE, Dr. S Day, MD, APICOL, NABARD, PWC, Horticulture officials were some of the participants. The meeting was based on improving the value chain infrastructure, existing market linkage system in Odisha by getting technical support from ADB, which would help farmers get the right price for the produce.
Principal Secretary, DAFE Dr Garg in his introductory speech welcomed the officials and emphasized that it is time for the state to focus more on post-harvest management, market linkage, capacity building. Earlier the focus was more upon production and productivity, now agriculture marketing board with guidance from ADB can help create a better market condition for the farmers of Odisha. While responding to the principal Secretary, ShriDiwakar Gupta, VP, ADB explained the importance of intervention of private sectors to make it commercially viable for both the farmers and the marketers. The farmers should have better market access helped by good storage capacity and less volatility. In his views, APC ShriMahapatra said how the state can use a mechanism where it can understand the actual demand of produces which will balance the fluctuation of price of produces.
Director, Agriculture & Food production Dr Muthukumar gave a brief presentation on the current scenario of Agriculture and Horticulture in Odisha. The touchpoints of his presentation were based upon major produced commodities (Fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and spices), the status of cold chain and other infrastructure, OSAM board, major marketing channels, the inclusion of eNAM and position of RMCs in the state.
This was followed by views from the experts from ADB and all the stakeholders. ShriAkmalSiddiq from ADB in his opinion shared various successful models implemented across the globe. How in the long run in countries like Spain and Uzbekistan, some of the models with support from the govt brought huge success for the farmers as well as the marketers. Better Capacity building, good packaging centre, finance to technically sound cold storages, good wholesale market were some of the key factors of the successful models. He also said they will be pleased to converge with Odisha.
OSAM board is already working with PWC (Price Waterhouse Cooper) to enhance capacity building, improving market linkage and preparing models for post-harvest management in Odisha. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks from Dr M Muthukumar.

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