Guv gives ultimatum to HDK government to prove majority by 18 hours

Bengaluru: The Governor gave the HDK government a ultimatum to prove today its majority in the House by 18 o’clock today.
Observers said that the political drama in Karnataka at the moment when Governor Vajubhai Vala gives an ultimatum to the HD Minister Kumaraswamy. Vala had previously instructed Kumaraswamy to submit the test by 13:30.
As for the debate in the House, the High Congress Leader and former CM Siddaramaiah said that at least 20 members still had to speak and that the debate would probably last until Monday, putting speculation on trust today.
Kumaraswamy said in the assembly: “Let’s talk. You can still form a government. Nothing urgent. You can do it on Monday or Tuesday. I will not abuse my power. “

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