Gemini twins born in Dhenkanal DHH

Dhenkanal: A woman on Monday gave birth to joint twins in the district hospital.
Renubala Behera, wife of Pradeep Beher from the village of Khalpal Parjang in the Dhenkanal district, gave birth to the twins in the chest to the stomach.
Doctors in the hospital have health conditions and infants and their mothers are stable. However, they were transferred to Sishu Bhawan in Cuttack for further treatment.
According to sources, the weight of twins was 4.5 kg during labor. As the news broke, people in large numbers went to the hospital to see twin girls.
Earlier, a woman gave birth to twins who joined the stomach in Khalipatana near Sarankul in the Nayagarh district in December 2017.
In addition, the twin twins twins Yaga and Kalia, born in the family of farmers in Kandhamal, were joined on their heads. They were separated after a rare cranial separation operation in AIIMS, New Delhi.

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