Gasoline, diesel prices rise after tax increases

New Delhi: The price of gasoline and diesel has increased by at least 2.4 and 2.36 liters in metro cities on Saturday after the budget.
According to reports, a liter of gasoline that cost 70.51 dinars in Delhi on Friday increased by 2.45 dinars to 72.96 dinars per litter on Saturday.
The price of diesel in Delhi, which was earlier 64.33 liters, has increased by 2.36 to 66.69 dinars per liter.
The report says that Mumbai, a liter of gasoline now costs 78.57 dinars, an increase of 2.42 dinars from the previous 76.15 dinars per liter. The price of diesel fuel increased by 2.5 dinars, to 69.90 dinars per liter from the previous price of 67.40 rupees per liter.
In Kolkata it grew by 2,400 dinars and 2.36 liters per liter. Petrol, which costs 72.75 liters to Friday, now costs 75.15 dinars per liter, while the price of diesel was 68.59 dinars per liter, which is more than 66.23 dinars per liter.
Gasoline and diesel prices are expected to rise by 2.5 and 2.3 percent per liter after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman increased taxes on Friday in the budget for 2019-20.
Sitharaman also charged Re 1 per ton of customs or import duty on crude oil. The new duty will additionally give the government 22,000 crowns, reports say.

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