Gambling den flourishes in Ranpur, policemen turn their eyes

Nayagarh: Gamblers nest in Ranpur in the Nayagarh district, while police officers close their eyes from an illegal act.
According to reports, a video shot by a spy camera clearly shows how older men accompanying school children play cards in the casino.
The incident was reported from the Dolamandap yard in the Ranpura area. This has recently become a lucrative trade with ‘players’. Surprisingly, the barium is just a few meters away from the Ranpur police station.
The reports state that a gang of criminals launched a gambling racket in the area, but the police closed their eyes from an illegal act. The city has turned into a paradise for anti-social activities, sources say.
On the other hand, the police said that the action would be launched after the local population filed an official complaint with the police in connection with the incident, sources say.

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