France under a strong heatwave

Paris: The heat wave is expected to spread to other parts of Europe. France records the highest all-time high of 44.3 ° C on Fridays.
Most Western European countries are exposed to an intense heat wave in early summer. Heatwave deaths have also been reported from many parts of Europe.
According to reports, a 17-year-old agricultural worker died in southern Andalusia in Spain. According to local media reports, the Spanish teenager felt sick after harvesting wheat. When he entered a swimming pool, he collapsed while bathing.
In Spain, a 93-year-old man collapsed and died on the street in the northern city of Valladolid.
According to media reports, the rising temperature this year is even higher than the 2003 heatwave. Nearly 15,000 people died in the heatwave, where the number of elderly people was considerable. All governments in Western Europe are on alert because of extremely high temperatures, according to the reports.

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