Four were arrested for stealing cash from the store

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate Police arrested four people on Saturday for stealing cash from a Laxmisagar police shop.
The defendants were identified as Chitta Nayak (25) from Nayagarh, Sanjaya Nayak (22) from Khurda, Rakesh Nayak (24) from Nayagarh and Bablu Nayak (19) from Puri.
According to the police, the four defendants were arrested after a Sadananda Nayak filed a written complaint with the Laxmisagar police, stating that four people had stolen Rs 8,000 at the cash register of his shop. The complainant also mentioned that after he noticed a shortage of cash, he immediately checked the CCTV footage and learned of the money theft. Based on the complaint, police from Laxmisagar launched an investigation and identified the four accused based on the CCTV footage they were arrested.
During the interrogation, the defendants confessed their crimes and announced that, under the pretext of collecting donations, they committed many such thefts at the coffers of various businesses.
A receipt book and 500 rupees were torn from their possession and the defendant was forwarded to the court today, the police said. Further investigations are underway to determine the involvement of other persons or any thugs, the police added.

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