Former director of VIMSAR Aswini Pujahari leaves Congress

Bhubaneswar: Former controversial director of the Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR), Burla, Dr. Aswini Kumar Pujahari, left the congress party.
Aswini resigned to the president of AICC and Congress president Sambalpura. He also resigned from the primary party membership.
Earlier, the Odish Congress nominated former VIMSAR director Aswin Pujahari as party candidate for Sambalpur Assembly, replacing Ashwini Gurua.
While Aswini lost low-margin elections, party members at a Bhubaneswar review meeting blamed Ashwani for his performance.
The doctor, who treated the patient with cancer, a kitchen salt, resigned as director of VIMSAR on February 9 this year.
Pujahari is charged with conducting non-technical experimental operations on poor and poor patients without the consent and approval of the ethics committee.

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